Boost your farm biosecurity and win a subscription to LSB Plus

Do you know about keeping your lifestyle block free from pests and disease? Want to learn more?

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) wants to find out, so it is inviting you to take part in a survey.

MPI is the government agency responsible for protecting New Zealand’s primary industries from biological risk. It does this by stopping diseases and pests crossing our border and preventing them from spreading and establishing if they do.

MPI wants to understand how it can better help lifestyle block farmers learn about their biosecurity responsibilities in order to strengthen New Zealand’s world-leading biosecurity system.

Biosecurity is important for everyone. If a large-scale animal disease epidemic were to hit New Zealand, stock on lifestyle blocks would very likely be at risk of infection. Good biosecurity behaviour helps to prevent these events, limit their impact and manage any outbreaks.

Follow this link to the ten-minute survey to be in to win a one-year subscription to LSB Plus, a toolbox which can help you save time and money on your lifestyle farm.

Winners details will be published on our site in November.

What is FarmsOnLine?

You’ll need to provide your FarmsOnLine number to complete the survey. FarmsOnLine is a one stop shop for accurate up to date contact details for all rural properties in New Zealand, including lifestyle blocks.

MPI can use the database to contact farmers if there's a biosecurity outbreak or other rural emergency, like a severe flood. It will help MPI, local and regional government and emergency services to contact property owners and managers quickly and efficiently to significantly reduce the damage that could occur.

Each rural property already has a unique FarmsOnLine number. You can find your FarmsOnLine number by going to the FarmsOnLine website

You can also choose to register for FarmsOnLine by following the simple instructions on the site. All personal information is extremely well-protected and secure.

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