Theft occurs more than you might think, in fact on average one burglary is reported in New Zealand every 10 minutes! Not only is theft incredibly frustrating, but it’s also a safety risk to your family and any workers or contractors on your property. So we’ve put together a handy Rural Crime Prevention Advice Guide to help you minimise theft on your property. Click here to find out more.

Click here for more helpful videos from FMG on managing the risks on your lifeststyle block.

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Topical articles

  • Farm animal zoonoses (diseases we can catch from farm animals)
    zoonosesMost of us are approaching lambing and calving, and some of us are well into it.  We should be aware that there are a few diseases of livestock that can spread to humans.  These are called zoonoses, and many of them are particularly common in spring.
  • Granita - in a summer of indulgence

    Food - I am so over it.  This unusual state of affairs came about as a result of over indulgence during the festive season. 

    It all started in early December, when invites to celebrate the season started flooding in.  Not that two is exactly a flood, but it was most certainly a beginning. 

  • Lumps & Bumps

    goatlumpLumps, bumps, bruises and swellings of all types are all too common in livestock.  So if you spot a lump on your horse or cattle-beast or sheep, what does it mean?  How can you tell what it is, and what should you do about it?


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