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11 Oct 2018 16:00 #542744 by Swtpea1968

Hi. I have an almost 6 week old wilti lamb who is seriously ill suffering either tetanus or plant poisoning or both - symptoms are very similar so everything has been thrown into him.... . antitoxins, AB's, anti-inflams, pain relief, and both he and his twin are taking scourban twice daily for three days or so - she has become unwell to a lesser degree.
The twins are usually with their mum in the paddock but escaped two days ago and enjoyed the lawn and surrounding garden :blush:
Symptoms of frothing at mouth, muscle spasms, uncoordination appeared midday yesterday. As of 2am the wee guy was unable to stand, hold head up and was not suckling so now needs to be tube fed in the hope of a miracle recovery.
I'm new at this lifestyle stuff and couldn't stand myself if I didn't try everything to save his little life (I obviously haven't developed my leather skin just yet)
Can anyone please advise best practice for feeding: how often and how much milk to administer - I'm worried I'm not feeding enough or too much. Help!

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11 Oct 2018 17:38 #542745 by Cigar

I noticed the instructions on Anlamb work out to about a litre a day, it's how many feeds that is split into that varies with age of the lamb. I prefer little and often when bottle feeding and I would assume that would be the ideal for tube feeding a sick lamb too. It won't be eating any grass (but not expending a lot of energy either) so I would suggest aiming for 1-1.2 litres per day, split into 4-5 feeds. You say they are getting Scourban so I assume they are scouring, if the vet has you feeding electrolytes this normally replaces a milk feed, not as well as, so you would need to reduce the milk accordingly.

Good luck!

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11 Oct 2018 19:10 #542749 by LongRidge

We would give electrolytes 4 times daily for a couple of days, about 200 ml per feed. Keeping them hydrated is very important when they are not suckling.

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11 Oct 2018 23:20 #542755 by Ronney

Have you contacted your vet? In your situation this would be my first course of action. Nobody here can see your lambs and therefore can't diagnose what is going on with them. I've run sheep for most of my adult life (which is now getting pretty long) and wouldn't even like to make a stab in the dark as to what may be wrong with them.


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