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10 Oct 2018 20:12 #542725 by LongRidge

Only just saved (perhaps ?) this one 36 hours after birth. The ewe was caring well for the lamb, and the times that I saw it feeding it was was suckling well ,tail wagging, and she was standing properly. This afternoon I noticed that the lamb looked rather thin and lethargic, so stood it up, and it went straight to the ewe .... and suckled a supernumerary (extra) teat that was in a better position and at a better height than the real teat. Both sides the same :-(.
Caught ewe, checked supernumeraries for milk - none. Real teats not suckled either. We got the lamb onto the real teats, he suckled well, then poo-ed out merconium. Tried to tape the supernumeraries out of the way but it hasn't worked yet.
So todays lesson is watch out for supernumerary teats in sheep and cattle.

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10 Oct 2018 20:57 #542727 by kate28

In the dairy world they often cut those extra teats off the calves & they go on to be perfectly fine cows. If you plan to keep this ewe you could possibly ask the vet about removing them.

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